Nov "poceni" EV

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Nov "poceni" EV

OdgovorNapisal/-a EVSVET » 11 Dec 2016, 11:53

V nedavnem sporočilu za javnost, v katerem so napovedali prihod Gillesa Normanda na položaj vodje enote za električna vozila z novim letom, so zapisali še vzpodbudno vrstico:
Renault dela na novem "poceni" EV modelu.

Today, Groupe Renault announces as of January 1st, 2017, Gilles Normand will become SVP, Electric Vehicle, reporting to Thierry Koskas, EVP, Sales and Marketing. He was most recently Groupe Renault SVP and Chairman of the Asia-Pacific region and member of the Renault Management Committee.

“I am very motivated by this new strategic challenge at a time when the Global EV market is entering into a significant growth phase. I look forward to working with the team to continue to drive our leadership in existing and new markets, and bring exciting EV vehicles to our customers”, said Gilles Normand.

Groupe Renault is leader of the electric vehicle market in Europe, with 25 % market share. Since 2012, Renault has sold more than 100.000 EVs. A major advancement in September 2016 saw the presentation of a new Renault ZOE equipped with ZE.40 battery, allowing it to reach a record 400 km homologated range. Groupe Renault is also working on a new affordable EV model.

EV market is now entering a new phase with longer battery ranges and emissions reduction objectives open opportunities for zero emissions cars, around the world. In this context, Groupe Renault strengthens the EV business unit, under Gilles Normand’s leadership.

Ali bo to električni twingo, ali konceptni EOLAB pa bo pokazal čas.

Električni Twingo

Električni koncept EOLAB
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